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letra de blackout problems – black coffee


she works at the mall
always the nicest of all
but when she told them she was gay
she had to pack up and go
oh no, not daddy’s princess no more
this house she used to live in ain’t a home no more

her best friend romeo
always the fastest of all
his coach used to love him
’till he came out once and for all
no friends left but one
how can the best one of the team be a f-g at once?

together we’re an army
just as strong as black coffee
you’re not alone!
four chords, one radio, two shoulders to lean on.

the church might deny
if jesus was alive
he wouldn’t preach what you pray
let every heart decide
get it straight
i am here to say
you h-m-phobic sh-thead should f-ck off

# blackout problems

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